Since I have trouble finding inspiration for new story ideas, I am always thankful to good prompts. Usually a list of prompts is the kick in the pants I need to write something. Because there are many writing prompt websites, it can be difficult to wade through them all to find the good ones. With that in mind, I tried to find the best sites I could, though I am sure I missed a few. While the following websites might not inspire every writer, these are the ones I thought had good amount of variety and creativity.

Writing Prompt Sites:

The Working Writer’s Club

The Working Writer’s Club aims to inspire all kinds of creative writing, fiction or otherwise. As such, some of the prompts read like questions one would be asked for an in-class writing assignment, while others focus more on short stories. The prompts have a decent range from detailed to sparse, allowing writers to pick and choose which kinds of prompts work best for them.

Writing Prompt Twitter

A twitter dedicated solely to creative fiction writing prompts. Though the account has not tweeted anything since the beginning of 2013, it has a large backlog of prompts for anyone to look at. Since twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, all the prompts are short; many are only one or two words. For writers who don’t want super detailed prompts, taking a look at this twitter could spark some ideas for all kinds of creative fiction pieces.

Yeah Write

A site focused on inspiring creative writers. Along with normal text prompts, the site also gives pictures as prompts. Visually inspired writers might like that no matter what the prompt, each one is accompanied by a picture or gif. Since the prompts focus on creative writing, there are also some science fiction and fantasy prompts thrown into the mix. Furthermore, past prompts provide links to works inspired by the prompts, which could serve as additional inspiration for writers.

Story Wonk

Providing more tongue-in-cheek prompts, this story generator claims to help writers find original ideas by generating random, but novel, prompts. Each prompt follows the same format: “He’s a ____. She’s a ____. Together, they ____.” However, the combinations generated are unique and funny, such as the prompt “He’s a good-natured circus performer with insatiable wanderlust; she’s a hard-working vet with a dark side. Together, they must cross a desert while falling in love.” The site even says that it’s not meant for serious use, but for anyone looking for some truly crazy and unique ideas, this generator could provide some silly, entertaining prompts.

Creative Writing Now

For writers who do not like one word prompts, Creative Writing Now offers a nice alternative. Most of the site’s prompts are short outlines for the beginning of a creative story. The prompts are detailed but leave enough room for writers to make their own story. For writers who find the outlines too restricting, there are some shorter prompts that simply list three elements and challenge writers to include all the elements in one story.

Creative Writing Prompts

With 346 prompts to choose from, writers who visit this site are sure to find inspiration from at least one prompt. The site’s prompts do not necessarily focus on creative fiction, as it includes some prompts that are meant to inspire through brainstorming. Furthermore, some of the prompts ask readers to write something that actually happened to them, which could lead to creative non-fiction pieces.